Understanding cities and their ongoing transformations drives me in my professional career. I like to combine the reflexive potential of an academic standpoint with the hands-on mentality of professional practice. As a working method, this comes alive in Stadslab European Urban Design Laboratory, the international think tank and urban design laboratory that I founded in 2006. Marc combines leading this think tank with a position of Director of Studies at the Academy of Architecture and Urbanism (MA+U Master of Architecture // Master of Urbanism) in Tilburg, Netherlands. Both are part of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts. In January 2018 he will leave Fontys, to become Director of the Provincial Government of Noord-Brabant, the region with the highest R&D output in the Netherlands.

Always eager to learn and discover, I love to travel and take lessons from all over the world, back to education and to our consulting in Stadslab. Learning from other people is another driver and one of the reasons for me to enrol as an Executive MSc student at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), in their Cities program in 2016.

portrait Marc Glaudemans photo credits Jenny Pagoni

Photo credits: Jenny Pagoni

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