Books and bookchapters:

‘Urban Innovation for Resilient Cities’. Bookchapter in: Mickovic, B. and Doyle, J.E., Culture, Innovation and the Economy, Routledge, London 2017

City Making & Tourism Gentrification. Lisbon 2016 PDF

Eindhoven 2050. 2014 PDF

Moving from Concepts to Action. Fukuoka 2013 PDF

Placemaking. Fukuoka 2012 PDF

Urban Transportation & Mobility. Fukuoka 2012 PDF

Between the Bridges. Urban Waterfront Regeneration. Belgrade 2011 PDF

Urban Segregation. Miskolc 2009 PDF

Amsterdams Arcadia. De ontdekking van het achterland. (Thesis), SUN, Nijmegen 2000

‘Het territorium als palimpsest’ (vertaling), Tuinkunst. Nederlands Jaarboek voor de Geschiedenis van Tuin- en Landschapsarchitectuur. Vol. 3, 1997


Schermafdruk 2017-07-12 11.35.29Screenshot 2017-08-31 21.00.37

‘Yangon 2050. A Strategic Planning Framework’, report written for LSE Cities, Exec. MSc program in collaboration with SO4A5 Taskorce Team

Articles (selection):

Alagic, A. A., Boelens, L., & Glaudemans, M. (2017). Emergence of a region : exploring the role of spatial planning in the emergence of high-tech region ELAt using assemblage and actor-network theory. EUROPEAN PLANNING STUDIES25(7).

Stadslab. A Platform for the Urban Designer of Today and Tomorrow. URBAN magazine, № 4-2015 (9) PDF

A Discourse on Urban Development, NEW EUROPE, 2012 PDF

A.Alagic, Glaudemans, M. Mediator in het Regionaal Denken, S&RO 06/2009. PDF

Glaudemans, M. Limieten van het landschap, S&RO 01/2008. PDF

Glaudemans, M. The Rediscovery of the Hinterland, CHORA Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture. Vol. 4 (2004)

Films (producer):

Ezos (by Fabio Petronilli) on Tbilisi Courtyards and Social and Cultural heritage conservation, Milan 2017

You’ll soon be here (by Fabio Petronilli) on City-Making & Tourism Gentrification in Lisbon, Milan 2016

Eindhoven 2050 (by Popov) on Master Class Eindhoven 2050, Rotterdam 2014



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